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    Arrow Remington 341-P SportMaster

    Just when I thought I've seen everything.......
    I walk into my local Gun store, the owner had just bought this Remington off a 90 something year old man. The "old man" stated he "bought the Remington new when he was a young man", and he had never shot it. When the old man left, I told the owner I'll buy it, without even knowing exactly what it was, but I knew it was something cool.

    I paid $200.00 (out the door) for the Remington. Took it home, and cleaned it up. The Remington didn't need much cleaning, mainly getting the dust off of it. It does appear to have never been shot. Any oil that had been on it seemed to have dried up, and turned to a varnish. It cleaned up easily.

    I had never heard of a Remington 341-P before. I did some research on
    It's a bolt action, tube fed, .22 LR. The 341-P's were made between 1936, and 1940. There is no serial number on it, but there is a code "EG" stamped on the barrel. The "E" is the month, and "G" is the year the Remington was made. According to a Remington chart the 341-P was made October, 1938. The "P" in 341-P stands for Peep (as in peep sight).

    Other things I learned about the 341-P is the hooded front sight came with four interchangable sights that slide into the hood. Unfortunately the 341-P only came with one. It's a post front sight. The rear sight has a knob on the left side, to take out the bolt, loosen the knob on the left, and the sight tilts up. The knob that releases the rear sight is also a peep sight, it has a smaller aperture than the one set up on the rear of the sight. The way the 341-P ejects is real neat. As the bolt comes back there is a elevator type braket that lifts up out of the receiver, ejecting the casing.
    I was right, this is a cool rifle. A lot of thought went into this Remington. They just don't make them like this anymore.
    Sorry about the crappy pictures, but it's to cold, and to much snow outside.

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    Jeepers! What a deal! What a steal !

    I hope you wore a mask when you picked it up.
    It is customary to wear a mask when you steal something.

    It looks like the ones we had at Boy Scout Camp in the 1960's.

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