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Thread: Anyone got a Crossbreed holster with the combat cut?

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    Anyone got a Crossbreed holster with the combat cut?

    I scored a worn-once Crossbreed for my 1911. Its the one with one large clip instead of two clips.

    I was nosing around on their site and saw an option for "combat cut". Does anyone have a crossbreed with that option? Do you like it? How does it compare to the regular cut?

    I'm thinking of removing some material so that I can get my thumb around the left side of the weapon a little easier.

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    I bought a standard SuperTuck, and after a few months did the combat cut myself. It really helps to get your thumb around the grip as you're drawing the gun.

    A DIY job lets you make it just as minimal as you need it - take off a little, if that doesn't work, take some more. I cut it with a fresh Xacto #11 blade, only took two passes through the horsehide.

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