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Thread: Is This A Krag Bowie Bayo Blade?

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    Is This A Krag Bowie Bayo Blade?

    Got most of them so far. There's still that funky-looking cutlass conversion, and just added this:

    It looks like one of the prototype Krag bowie blades, but it's crosscut sawbacked. Anyone recognize it?

    FREEHOLD, Jan 04 from Baen Books
    THE WEAPON, Aug 05 from Baen Books
    CONFIRMED KILL, Sep 05 from HarperCollins
    BETTER TO BEG FORGIVENESS..., Winter 07 from Baen Books


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    I can't answer your question, but that is one BAD*** blade!

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    Looks baaaad, but I wonder how the sawteeth actually work on anything you'd actually want to saw.

    I once ground teeth into the spine of a machete blade for backwoods search and rescue use. I found that they needed quite a bit of set to cut green wood without binding. The teeth on your blade appear to have none or very little.

    I found that the two functions of chopping and sawing require different blade characteristics, and it's rare IME to see a tool that can perform both functions adequately.


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    That tang looks absolutely worthless --not "built for strong" by any means.

    The hilt side of the blade does not look at all like a Krag Bowie bayonet and the blade's curvature seems too great.

    It might have been originally, tip broken, owner tried to grind it down to make a Bowie pattern hunting knife.

    Dunno why I'd bother converting it if it were mine. Harbor Freight has el cheapo Bowies with serrated backs for about five bucks.

    There's an article in the American Rifleman on the K-J rifle showing the Bowie Bayonet --see page 44, July 2004. They also make mention of the Krag Bolo bayonet.

    Never saw much use for a sawblade on a knife. Seems to me the teeth would make withdrawal for a second thrust rather difficult unless your anagonist was a jellyfish. Druther carry a wire saw for cuttin' bones or branches..
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