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Thread: What would be a fair price? HK 91

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    What would be a fair price? HK 91

    just can't seem to be able to get a grasp on what would be a fair asking price, so I would welcome some suggestions.

    I have a HK 91 I want to sell, it is a pre ban gun. I bought it new with the Paratrooper stock, which I could never find anything good to say about, so I got rid of that torture device and put a set of the CTEME wood furniture on it. I still have the original black forend and a replacement, complete, used, black butt stock assembly. The rifle is in great shape, very low round count(I'll put up a couple pictures later tonight when I have some time to take them). I have the owners manual, sight adjustment tool cleaning kit, sling, and a box full of magazines.

    The problem I am having is that I have had it so long, and have seen the prices yo-yo, I just can't nail down what would be a reasonable price. I seem to bounce between the extremes of "free to a good home" (and no, that ain't gonna happen, I'm crazy, not stupid) and pricing like it is made out of platinum and gold (ain't gonna happen either, I'm not stupid, I'm crazy)

    Since I don't have any pictures up yet, and price ideas are not taken as an offer, just assume this rifle is in VERY good condition, not 'minty' or like new, but very good shape for a pre ban aged gun.

    Thank you for your ideas.
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    Here is a minty one going to go over $2500 if you can believe the auction. In any close kind of shape, you should be able to get $2K I'd guess. If I want to sell something, I like to look at the auction sites and see what they are priced at....and what are actually getting bids. That seems a good way to judge what the market actually is bearing at the moment. Good luck!

    Oh, I sold my A3 close to 20 years ago for $1500 or so. Looks like they have gone up a bit, but not dramatically.

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    I think $2k is about right also for a used one.

    I see them from time to time priced much higher but they don't seem to ever sell. The competition from other versions of the 91 seems to have held the price down some over the years.
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