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Thread: Is this a problem on my Savage Edge Rifle

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    Is this a problem on my Savage Edge Rifle

    I purchased a new Savage Edge (axis) rifle.
    Looking at the bolt face there was a black ring of what looked like powder burn less than 1/16" wide around the inside edge where the edge of the cartridge touches the bolt face . I had to use lead off yellow rag to remove this material.
    I went shooting yesaterday & the same ring appeared on the bolt face.
    I does not burn into the metal.
    Is this bad or should I forget about it??

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    I don’t think I would worry too much.

    It’s a bolt action, and I assume you can remove the firing pin and clean out the channel for the pin.

    A few manufacturers, mainly high end shotguns engrave/machine a small circle around the firing pin hole with relief channels to divert the small amount of gasses that initially escape from around the primer.

    Just watch that the firing pin channel doesn’t eventually fill with enough crud to restrict the pin. Further more, I would monitor the bolt face to determine whether this circle is creeping toward the pin. If not, I would NOT clean this crud off as it will help to divert the gasses from around the primer, and if left alone, may eventually seal the gasses in.


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