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Thread: .22WMR penetration test

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    .22WMR penetration test

    Time for another backyard penetration test!
    Today I took some .22 magnum rounds to the range with me, SJHP and TMJ, and shot some books/catalogues to see how they stacked up to other calibers. I've seen some reviews of the new Kel Tec PMR-30 chambered for .22 magnum and figured I'd compare the round to some that I've already done.

    All shots were taken with a Heritage Rough Rider revolver (6.5"bbl) from a range of 25 yards. Targets were a catalogue and book taped together and a single book of the same type, each was about 1100 pages fixed with string to a target stand.

    SJHP Winchester Super X: 40 grain, listed as 1910 ft/s. 4 rounds = 470, 480, 480, and 600 pages. Average of ~500 pages.
    comments: rounds were pulverized. Bits of jacket made it that far but the lead was powdered.
    TMJ CCI Maxi Mag: 40 grain, listed as 1875 ft/s. 3 rounds = 305, 340, 390 pages. Average of ~345 pages. Rounds held together but were flattened more like you'd expect from a larger pistol HP. I was surprised that these didn't go as deeply as the fragments of the JHP even though they were listed as having a slower muzzle velocity. There was crush/rip damage that continued beyond the ~345 pages but the actual round had stopped. Perhaps the smaller pieces of the fragmented Winchester rounds simply proceeded into the rips too small for the intact round to infiltrate.
    I may have to go again and retest.

    Compare that to ballpark averages:
    9x19mm FMJ= 900 pages
    9x19mm 115 grain HP = 500 pages
    .38Spl 125g +P HP=500 pages
    9x18 95g FMJ = 700 pages
    .32 ACP 71 grain FMJ = 620 pages
    .22LR 36g HP from 6" bbl= 450 pages
    .22LR 36g HP from 16" bbl= 950 pages
    7.62x39mm = tore through three catalogues like Obamacare and kept right on going.
    .410 1/4 Oz slug = 1600 pages
    .410 1/5 Oz slug = 1160 and kept going
    .410 000 buckshot = 855 pages
    .410 Winchester PDX1 buck/ball= 810pages disks/275pages BBs
    As always, keep in mind that this is just nonscientific backyards testing.
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    But it is interesting to read your results, and thanks for sharing your findings. I also have the Rough Rider 22/22wmr revolver. pretty accurate for such a (slow to reload) cheap revolver.

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    Thx for your input, Apple. I'm a 22Mag fan (6.5" Rough Rider/1.6" NAA) and am continually looking to see which ammo is best for what circumstances.

    Some of your results were surprising, and all were informative. Thanks again.
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