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Thread: Kudos for CRKT Customer Service

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    Kudos for CRKT Customer Service

    I dinged up the clip on my CRKT Ignitor T this morning, I got it stuck on the seat belt strap and pulled it all out of shape.

    So, anyway I figured I'd look on their webpage and see if I could buy a replacement clip.

    Turns out they replace such items free of charge, they even eat the shipping.

    I'm sold
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    I'm always pleased to hear about quality customer service.

    I've actually had our local knife company offer to replace a knife at no charge when I brought it in for sharpening and cleanup.

    Friend of ours, Jim, who helped with out home in Carson City had an old beat up Buck 112 Ranger, and since I knew I'd be over visiting the factory when I got home, I offered to have them sharpen it to factory spec and clean it up, and I would mail it back to him, all on my nickel.

    When I got to the factory, the customer service gal said, if there's no special sentimental reason to keep this one, they'd be happy to simply replace it with a new one. When I called Jim and asked him, he was tickled to accept the replacement.

    They did the same thing later with an older guy who brought in a Buck knife he'd been using for years, wanted to know if they'd sharpen it. She did the same thing with him.

    I'm a big fan of customer service that "just takes care of it," whatever "it" is.

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