Buck's having one of their one-week, 10:00am - 6:00pm, 50% off sales this week at their factory in Post Falls, Idaho.

Personally, I think it's a conspiracy. They only hold these things when I'm broke.

However, I did manage to swing by yesterday and pick up a couple of pieces.

I had hoped to pick up a new (spare) Vantage Avid for half off. *Sigh* They were out when I got there. However, they did have some Vantage Avid "factory blems" (manufacturing seconds). I decided, what the heck, and asked to see one. Box clearly says "factory blemish." Knife has the red sticker dot that's used to identify blems. Problem is, there's no blemish that I can detect anywhere near the red dot. Gal at the counter looks, also can find nothing. I check the blade closed position. Blade is very nearly perfectly centered. Open and close knife. Okay, it's a little stiff, but that will work out. Look over the whole knife. Can't find the blem. Oh, well, I'll take that one. (Hey, at half off the reduced blem price, even if it turns out there's a ding, it'll be fine.)

Vantage Avid, stock photo: BU346GYS.jpg

As long as I was getting a half-off-on-reduced price on that, I had a few nickels and dimes left, so I grabbed one of the new Revel pieces (in yellow). It's kinda like a slightly smaller RedPoint, but without the serrations. I'd be happier if it were the same size and basic shape as the RedPoint, but it'll do (an extra half inch would do wonders for this design). I mostly got it so I could try out this new spin lock thing they're doing.

Got home and had a chance to look at both knives more closely.

The Vantage has a tiny burr by the rear screw hole on the obverse side, right behind the badge. What? That's it? Wait . . . where's the "FB" symbol that's etched on all factory blems? Hmm . . . not there. So, I have a well-centered, well finished Vantage Avid that's a little stiff opening and has a tiny burr at a screw hole? For less than half off? Well, broke or not, the knife gods have smiled. Heck, I may even leave the clip on this one.

On to the Revel.

Buck Revel, stock photo: BU0766YWS.jpg

Okay, the SafeSpin opening system is gonna be a little bit of a problem for me, cuz I have arthritis in my right index finger. Still, it works well enough. They've supplemented it with a flipper tab which helps.

This is a very light knife, but very well constructed. Has removable/reversible tail-mount pocket clip (tip-up carry). Its blade is about the same length as my Buck 444, but thicker and more secure. Very sharp and slicy. The handle has some sort of grippy rubbery plastic insert. Holds the hand well.

However, that "grippy" business assures that I will be removing the pocket clip. It's actually small enough that I wouldn't use a clip anyway, and the texture of the handle (which would be hard on pocket fabric) seals the deal.

I'll move it into the EDC rotation and see how it does. For now, it's a handy little sucker.

Soon as my camera and I are both available at the same time, I'll grab some pix. I'm already behind on knife pix, so perhaps I'll do a whole spread.