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Thread: parts for the earlier amt 45 backup

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    parts for the earlier amt 45 backup

    Hi, does anyone know of a place where I can purchase a few parts for the amt 45 backup. I'm looking for a few recoil springs and recoil rods for the earlier models. The recoil rod was shorter on the early models as the later models had the slide lengthened. Thanks! Gary

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    Midway seems to have some springs for other AMT models from Wolff, but neither Midway nor Wolff has them for the 45 Backup.

    Where have you looked already?

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    Whoops! Wolff might have the right recoil spring:

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    Good luck, hope you can find your parts.

    I'm learning to like my .45 Back-ups, since I've lost so much weight that I can't pock-carry a Glock 27 anymore
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