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Thread: Nat'l CCW surge; WA on front end

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    Washington state

    Nat'l CCW surge; WA on front end

    Check the figures and gasp.
    A lot of people are "gunning up"

    What about your state?

    Five months, 12K new licenses; WA at front end of CCW surge

    In the five months between early November and early April, the Washington Department of Licensing logged nearly 12,000 new concealed pistol licenses, putting the Evergreen State definitely on the front end of a national surge that is seeing record numbers of private citizens “arming up.”

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    We're making it easier to carry, making it easier to defend yourself while hunting, and sending several in-you-face resolutions to about their illegals acts. I think the mere mention of the name Arizona gives our current Chief Executive stomach pains.

    As for CCW, not needed here in a Constitutional Carry state, but many people have them, and according to one fingerprinter i know, the number is increasing rapidly.
    If total government control equals safety, why are prisons so dangerous?

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