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    Quote Button

    Is there a user setup reason that I can't see the quote button when I want to reply to a particular post in a sub-forum?


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    The quote button is inactive for everyone due to perceived abuses.
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    The quote button isn't here because some folks don't know how to practice moderation.

    One of the reasons: There are posts with loads of photos, and some will quote the whole darned thing, and just say "Nice pics!" or something equally short. Enough of these folks doing this, and you end up with a 9-mile long thread that doesn't say much . .

    When one quotes a post, one should think about what they're wanting to respond to when editing.

    The bbcode quote tags still work, btw.
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    Same problem with APS and 2aHawaii dot com, which use the same software provider.

    Used to be a real problem when I had a dial-'em-up, not so much now, but still annoying.

    And sometimes when a series of posters use it in succession you end up with an unintelligible nesting of five or six quotes within quotes.

    Funny, I was thinking of bellyaching to the 2ahawaii owner about it, but figured it was just me, so I let it go.

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    Is there a user setup reason that I can't see the quote button when I want to reply to a particular post in a sub-forum?
    Highlight and copy what you want to quote, then hit the quote button in the reply box and paste between the quote marks. (quote) paste here (/quote)

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    I'm happy to not have the asshats re-posting a slew of photos, honestly.
    I can do without the clowns who post fifteen different quotes from different people and reply to each one in turn. If you have a point, you shouldn't need to quote giant blocks of text to make it.

    if you want to quote something, pick the bit you want to quote, copy it in to the reply box, and use the quote button.
    I replaced the square brackets[][][][][] with wavy ones {}{}{}{}{}
    looks like this in the reply box:
    {QUOTE}whatever you're quoting{/QUOTE}
    and like this when posted:
    whatever you're quoting
    if you're quoting something way upthread, add "=person"
    Looks like this in the reply box:
    {QUOTE=whoever you're quoting}whatever you're quoting{/QUOTE}
    and like this when posted:
    Quote Originally Posted by whoever you're quoting
    whatever you're quoting

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