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Thread: Brother, Guns, Long Day

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    Brother, Guns, Long Day

    I haven't been around for awhile because my mother had a stroke and it looked serious enough that we gathered the clan from all over the US to gather around. Good news is that with her brood around she rallied and looks better today than she did a month ago. I had a full house4 so things were a bit hectic. only my #2 brother (trucker) who slept in his semi and my baby brother #4 (construction worker) and wife stayed at my step sisters. The rest of the 5 remaining were camped out in various rooms and pieces of furniture around my house. They took shifts 24 hours a day at the hospital and after some recovery back at the nursing home ma sponsored a pizza party for all of us. Many bad jokes and pictures and about 30 pounds of delivery pizza later and everybody said their good byes and headed for back to the far corners of the continental USA.

    Trucker brother had a couple of extra days so we broke out all of his guns that he had brought up to me 14 or 15 years ago to store for him till he got off the road. Right now he has no place to store or shoot them. The last time he saw them all was 3 years ago and the last time he shot one was one of his 45's last summer so I pulled out all the stops and laid out all 17 guns and broke into the ammo supply.

    The following is a sampling of some of the shooting he did, not all targets of course but the ones he liked the best. His shoulder turned into mush but he shot everything from his Mossberg 22 rifle to his Colt MK IV govt model 45 ACP to his favorite of all his guns the Browning Auto 5. Due to temperatures ranging from 44 to 54 and continuous drizzle all shooting was done from my porch at 25 yards instead of my back field range out to 100 yards. He is on the road today steering mostly with his left arm because his right side is a little discolored and tender to the touch. The grin on his face may take awhile to go away.

    This was his first time ever shooting a black powder revolver and while his group wasn't quite as tight as I shoot it I have had a lot more trigger time with the Ruger Old Army. The Walker target not shown because it only had two holes at the very top of the paper. The extra pound of weight and his injured elbow and the teeny tiny sight notch was a bit much to overcome for a first effort. A full sized silhouette target would have all 5 shots in the upper chest if he had been aiming center of mass so he was not that far off.

    The first 3 targets were from the Old Grump Carry Gun Challenge Match with his 45 and .357 but my 22 since he doesn't have one. Not bad considering how long it has been since he had any of these guns in his hands. A little rusty but the basic skill set survived age, broken elbow surgery on his right arm and eye surgery.

    This target has a pink bullseye that is virtually invisible at 25 yards but his old iron sighted Mossberg he has had since he was a puppy still knew how to find the center of the target. A better target would have resulted in a better group but I was testing him and his shooting rust.

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    Looks like you guys had a good time. That is what it is all about.

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    Glad mom's better and your bro got to shoot.
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    Stuck up here (rural Missouri) and got Dixie on my mind
    I hope tohave a day like that with my brother soon.

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    Go Vols!

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