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Thread: Need help with old 39a Golden Mountie

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    Need help with old 39a Golden Mountie

    I have a 1959 model 39a golden mountie and the extractor broke. I have ordered several different extractors (old style) and they did not fit I have taken the gun to two gunsmiths and they went thru the same process. There appears to be no where that I can order a pin that actually fits this weapon. I had one gunsmith try to mill the bolt a bit, cut the shortest of the extractor pins down and that worked for less than 100 rounds and the pin malfunctioned again. The last gunsmith I took the weapon to kept the gun for a couple of weeks and then told me the extractor he ordered did not fit (duh, told him that when I took it in) he didn't offer any other suggestions. The gun is one of my favorites and deadly accurate. It would be a shame to scrap this weapon but I am out of options, cannot find parts that fits this age marlin. I, at this point would be willing to replace the entire bolt assembly but cannot find one of those either. Any ideas would be appreciated, I am stalled and out of options.

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    It is possible that the newer spring steel extractor may be fitted to the bolt in place of the older machined M39 extractor.

    Someone with gunsmithing experience with the M39 should join in here.

    My 1950s era M39 Mountie has the machined extractor, and a 1970s era M39 rifle I owned had the spring steel extractor. As I recall the channel in the bolt for the extractor appeared to be the same (although appearances can be deceiving).
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    Well, first of all, I would never have altered the bolt to fit the extractor.

    Do you have the original broken extractor? If so, how does it compare with those Marlin has sent you? Can they be modified to fit?

    If nothing else, you may have to get a new bolt, complete with extractor.

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