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Thread: The "Reply With Quote" button...

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    The "Reply With Quote" button...

    ...does not embed prior quotes in the quoted post.


    See the two posts preceding this one.

    Although I am a bear of very little brain, so I might be missing something, but this would explain why some posts using that button don't make much sense sometimes, especially if the quoted post is back a little ways from the quoting post.

    I realize that multiple embedded quotes will yield very narrow panes for earlier multiple quotes, which makes reading difficult, but I wonder if there isn't a halfway decent solution for the problem besides instructing posters to quote selected portions manually.

    Yes. All that above makes sense if you parse it.

    I think.

    Terry, 230RN

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    This was implemented because some folks don't edit what they've quoted, and then their brethren won't edit what they've quoted, and a thread will end up with 3-foot-long posts containing mostly quoted material.

    If a person wants to respond to something previously said, they can take the time to manually quote what they're responding to, if it's further back up the ladder than one step.
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