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Thread: H&R "The American Double Action"

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    Unhappy H&R "The American Double Action"

    I am trying to find ANYTHING to help me figure out how to put this thing back together again.

    I've got an old non-shooter H&R in 38 S&W ... or rather I've got about 1.75 of them, less a couple of springs that rusted into pieces.

    My Google-foo has failed, and I cannot find anything that even describes how to put it all back together (there are a couple of pieces that just don't want to stay in place during assembly - and I have been humbled enough to ask for help).

    So... yeah.. I need:

    #1. part specs so I can recreate some springs (one small flat spring for the pawl and *maybe* a coil spring somewhere else inside, but there wasn't much left except rust)

    #2 helpful instructions for assembly

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    I'm sure you've seen this already:

    I might suggest calling these folks:

    The Jack First shop doesn't look like much on the internet, but they found me a firing pin I couldn't find elsewhere. You remember things like that.

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    I'm not really familiar with "The American Double Action" but I do have "The Gun Digest Book of Exploded Gun Drawings" with 9 or so pages of different Harrington & Richardson pistol exploded views. None are titled as yours though. I also have "The Gun Digest of Firearms Assembly/Disassembly, Part IV: Centerfire Rifles" By J. B. Woods. I'm pretty sure that handguns are in Part I, II or III. Check your local library. I bought mine online, used for less than $10. Check the review function at That is how I knew that the rifle I was looking for was in the book before I bought from Abe's Books.

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