Hey all, just wanted to post my thoughts on the TULA Arms TOZ-122 .308 Rifle. Not alot of info out there so I thought I would post my impressions, good and bad, of the rifle. Last i knew they were available through CDNN for $299.
Let me start by stating that this rifle will not win any fine detail awards as it has very rough machining and craftmanship but it does work and has been reliable thus far with about 1000 rounds sent down range of various ammo. The action is pretty stiff at first but becomes very smooth after a couple hundred rounds. The rifle comes with two ten round detatchable magazines, has express style sights that accept SKS front posts, Has machined grooves into the receiver that fit offset scope rings so you can still use the iron sights with the scope attached. I am 6'2" and have no problem with LOP, though everything is a little short for me, Ive just adapted to the standard LOP dimensions. IT has a refreshingly rare, at this price point, wood stock that is stained IMHO an ugly orangish color. I immediately stripped the stock, sanded it, floated the barrel, and restained a nice chestnut brown color. Looks alot better! Also should mention my rifle came with sling mounts that I had to drill to accept U.S. slings.
I have read alot about the rings not fitting standard 1" scopes and the triggers being horrible. I believe this WAS the case with the older Tula .308 rifles but I've read the newer ones have a reworked trigger and scope rings. As far as mine, the best feature of the rifle by far is the trigger! Absolutely worth the money for that alone. The trigger does travel a bit far but it is smooth as butter, about 3lbs, and breaks absolutely clean! The proverbial "glass rod" comes to mind. The rifle surprises me almost every time I pull the trigger, which is what you want. Also no stacking whatsoever. It really is a nice trigger and would be perfect if the travel was reduced by about half.
At the range the rifle performs as it should and I have had no malfunctions with about 1000 rounds sent down range so far. It has shot Brown Bear, Tula, Remington, and Federal ammo of various grains down range and also being of decent accuracy. It shot consistent 2" grouping at 100 yds with a scope out of the box. After i floated the barrel it shoots sub 1.5" groups at 100 yard with 1" groups using Federal 150 grain Power Shok ammo. The ten round mag makes this rifle a joy to shoot and with two mags, its enough to pummel any shoulder after 20 rounds of fun!
SO, if you can handle the crude machining and ugly looks but want a nice shooting rifle with a great trigger than the TULA TOZ 122 is worth a look.