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Thread: cleaning the 702

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    cleaning the 702

    i just bought a 702, how often do i need to clean?, and do i need to take it apart each time? i have a bolt action savage and its easy to clean, seems like the 702 may be a pain to take apart to clean, but i haven't owned one so i don't know. i love the gun but just wonder if the low cost is worth the trade off if its hard to keep clean, also how much oil inside to keep it running? sorry if it sounds like i'm new to guns, i'm not i've been shooting and hunting over 30yrs. but all my guns have been single shots or bolt guns. thanks

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    Failing to clean a gun properly after use can interfere with its operation, putting you and anyone around you at risk when you discharge your weapon.
    Depending on how dirty the gun is, you may need to use several patches to get it clean. You will know the bore is clean when the patches you run through the bore are no longer covered in grease. Use a clean patch to apply a thin layer of lubricant inside the bore.

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