I hope you all have heard about the National 2nd Amd Rally that will take place at each states capitol building on Satuday, Jan 19 at noon. If not, please go to http://www.guncontrolmorecrime.com for more information.

All, I am helping to organize the event in Ohio. I hope to see all Ohioians who support the 2nd Amd. The Rally got off to a rocky start but we currently have about 175 RSVP'ed for the event. The facebook event page is a great place to get more information. But here is the general info:

Guns Across America, A Pro 2nd Amd Rally
Saturday, January 19, 2013 at Noon.
The public sidewalk and public areas outside The Ohio Statehouse in Columbus.
Bring a picket sign with a pro-2nd Amd Slogan (Be Creative)

We will not be on Statehouse grounds. A permit is required and firearms are not allowed on Statehouse grounds. Many supporters will be carrying a firearm openly or concealed. I have spoken with the Statehouse and Columbus PD. They are aware we are coming. Columbus PD has been very supportive They have no issues with us carrying firearms in accordance with the law. They prefer that we have no magazines in rifles or at a minimum the action open. However, they also acknowledge that we have the right to carry with a loaded mag and one in the chamber.

I understand there is another event on Feb 8 hosted by another group. I encourage you to attend BOTH. I doubt one rally will get through the thick skulls of the White House.

We need your support. I hope to meet you there.

If you can't make it, please share this event with everyone you know who supports the right to bear arms.

Ron Jaworski

Facebook Event: http://www.facebook.com/events/495069110543321