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Thread: Welcome. :)

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    Welcome. :)

    As an accommodation for our members, we have opened what will be known as the “Off-Topic” sub-forum. It’s been intended not only as an outlet for discussion of individual member pursuits, but also as a survey for the interests of our membership; Members are invited to bring their knowledge and experiences, as well as their questions and curiosities, for the benefit of this association.

    This is the appropriate sub-forum for discussion of all topics that do not relate: (1) to firearms, (2) to discussion of, and advocacy for, the individual RKBA/2A, or (3) to discussion of, and advocacy for, the individual exercise of civil liberties which are unrelated to the 2A.

    Exception: Those subjects that can be characterized as inviting or tending toward ‘obscenity’ and ‘indecency’ are not appropriate in this sub-forum. A thread discussion of ‘indecency’ or ‘obscenity', for example, may be appropriate in EoL, provided participants maintain discussion that is relevant to the first amendment. Threads relating to firearms/2A issues, as presented in various ‘media’ (and which, incidentally, may be claimed to be ‘obscene’), may be appropriate in the Media sub-forum, while discussions that relate to the first amendment and 2A rights are appropriate in the Legal, General, or Activism sub-forums.

    In the other sub-forums, moderators may review threads for, among other things relevant to the overall forum goals, sufficient relevance to firearms and to civil rights advocacy (whether or not 2A-related); By contrast, threads in this sub-forum will be reviewed only for general civility, one member to another. Politeness is key.

    As member interests are further articulated, we’ll make effort to categorize and to use any of the possibilities, ideas, or innovations generated in this sub-forum, for the further enrichment and benefit of membership.

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    Yes, I am awarre that this is a closed thread

    But I lobbied for this forum and there's no way I'm not getting in on the first thread in it.

    I am very glad to see this and I hope it is appreciated by the members of this forum
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