Over 30 Republicans (I would use the term RINO except that what we used to term as RINO is now the true face of the Republican Party) voted for the destruction of the Republican Party as a major player in US politics, likely destroying the possibility of ever having another Republican president after 2028.

This from CNN Breaking News email today:

Senate Democrats, joined by some Republicans, overcame an attempted conservative filibuster against a major immigration reform bill, voting 82-15 to allow debate on the measure.

The compromise plan aims to clear a 13-year path to citizenship for most of America's 11 million undocumented immigrants. The Senate measure reflects immigration as a political priority for both parties, but ardent conservatives remain skeptical of the approach and have vowed to oppose it.

Lawmakers are expected to debate the legislation over the next few weeks and consider a number of amendments. Senate proponents hope for a final vote by July 4. The House is working on its own version.
The Republicans think that they'll get the immigrant vote by just letting them come into the country. Don't they get it that it isn't which section of land they live on; many, many illegals are willing to live and work just yards away from the border in the US. It isn't coming here to this soil that they want; it's the social programs, education, free medical, home giveaways, and jobs that they want.

"They" being those who are not seriously focused on the destruction of the US. Those who are so focused are a whole other category of destructive to our nation.

Republicans who think it is enough to simply vote them in to the country will find out soon enough that, as it has been since the Reagan amnesty, those who come here illegally are going to vote for those who feed them and clothe them and pay their rent and deliver their babies - and I don't mean those of us who work to pay those bills; I mean those who pass the laws to provide the socialized services.