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Thread: Colorado Senate President Will Face Recall Election.

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    Colorado Senate President Will Face Recall Election.

    DENVER The first-ever recall election of a Colorado state legislator moved closer to fruition Tuesday after it was announced that there are sufficient valid signatures to proceed with the recall of Senate President John Morse.

    Secretary of State Scott Gessler said the El Paso Freedom Defense Committee had gathered 10,137 valid signatures, well in excess of the 7,178 needed to qualify for the recall ballot. The recall committee submitted more than 16,000 signatures two weeks ago.
    According to the article Morse is taking a page from Bloomingidiot's book and asking for help from people in Massachusets
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    I really do like this Treo. Even if they are not successful (but I really hope they are) it will set an example to all the other state legislatures across the country of what can very well happen if they do this. Too bad more of the New England states wont get up off their butts and do this too.

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    I hope recall petitions and elections get very very common.

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