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Thread: If Tim Taylor built a drone . . .

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    If Tim Taylor built a drone . . .

    What if there was a "Tim Taylor" aviation engineer?

    What if the government gave this engineer a bunch of money?

    Now imagine the gov pointing to existing stealth aviation assets and saying "We want 'more power'." to this engineer.

    Have you ever wondered why the government didn't seem to give much of a fuss about the drone Iran claimed to have captured last year?

    Wondered why the U. S. Government threw a "Press Camp" on one of its aircraft carriers to thoroughly document the launching of the Navy's first stealth UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle)? Didn't "stealth aircraft" used to be "I have no comment at this time." material?

    A few folks have taken the above events into consideration, along with a few other operational anomolies exhibited by the U. S. military over the past couple of years and posited something along the following lines:

    The USA may have a drone utilizing the latest in stealth technologies.
    This drone may have a bomb bay that rivals the one in the B2 bomber.
    How about a drone that's probably a lot wider than a 737 airliner?

    When the facts don't add up, you're usually missing some.

    This guy has taken a lot of disparate facts and sewn them together into a plausible treatise: How We Know America Has Another Secret Drone - War Is Boring

    Enjoy the read.
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    doubtless all concepts being considered and tested in some way if they aren't already in development.

    Drones have been of interest since the 40s, and stealth since the effective development of radar.....

    The technology keeps getting better. My parents dad started his flying career in biplanes, my mother by sewing fabric and doping for fuselages

    My kids will see tech i can't imagine.
    People have some respect for the complexity of technology. But almost every ignorant fool thinks he understands money and economics.

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