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Thread: Old German 22 Cal Rifle

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    Old German 22 Cal Rifle

    My dad gave me an od German 22 rifle he said he got in WWll and came home with. The name on it isThuringen Kal.22 Lang Fur Buchsen There is a stamp on it JGA Vert. Deutfcher sport modell Ser# 5470. Thanks for your help. It also has a spring loaded lever on the left side of the reciver that you swing out to remove the bolt.

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    5,671 may be a good source.

    All I know is Deutsches Sportmodell rifles are aka DSM. My cousin has a German bolt action .22 and it is a great shooter; his looks like a military trainer for marksmanship practice. Shot great at targets at 65 yards; I would expect it to be a good small game rifle as-is.

    Saw a excellant condition DSM listing at $800 a while back. I have heard the German makers have no records from the 1930s and have read stories of all the firearms records not burned by the Germans were destroyed by the Allies trashing the conquered factories. Detailed info is hard to come by.

    Deutsches is the German world for German. The "f" and "r" in Deutfcher are an "s" and "s" in the classic German "Fraktur" script (look at all the "f" for "s" in the facsimiles of the U.S. Declaration of Indepence ).
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    does it look like a mauser k98

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