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Thread: Cinerama

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    I love the smell of Hoppes #9 in the morning.

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    Very well done! Thank you. My childhood 1950's memories are made of things like this.

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    Making me feel old again....

    My sisters were in Girl Scouts, and mom got volunteered to help take the Troop to Pittsburgh (by train) to see one of the earliest Cinerama travelogues. I got to ride along.... (I don't think it was my first ride on a train, but the first one that I remember being awake for.)

    Seems like the train station was only a couple blocks from the theater.

    I think is saw a couple more of the travelogue variety by way of School field trips, but can't recall which ones.

    IAC, it was a great experience.

    Seems to me that the later "widescreen" techniques would produce enough of the same effect, though, v.s. all the difficulty involved in the three-camera process. The "parting line" between film strips was also a little unpleasant, but I think I forgot about it quickly.

    I'm sure some serious fun and games went with it, but I've seen "How The West Was Won" on the small screen (i.e., a pre-HD TV). Looks OK, but once in a while they toss in a shot that only works in wide screen, and those look kinda odd if you didn't know about the Cinerama effects.

    BTW, I was at the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh twice back in elementary school. Two different field trips. I think it was cheap .... About 60 miles on some seriously ancient busses, but at least they weren't the little yellow ones....

    One of my wife's cousins was married at that Museum a couple years ago - apparently they now cater such things, and the dinner was held in a room full of what used to be Church Altarpiecess. I don't know whether they were copies or originals brought over here from Europe. Interesting stuff.... I also noted that a fish fossil between the room used for the ceremony and the Altars area was one I'd seen back in the 50's. In those days it more or less had it's own room and some special lighting. Now, it's just "there".... Never did figure out what changed .

    The dinner was pretty good, at least, and not nearly as old as the fish , and one of the waitresses looked like a very young version of Bridget Fonda.


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