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Thread: Firearm Econony Facts and Figures

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    Firearm Econony Facts and Figures

    The economic growth America's firearms and ammunition industry has experienced over the years has been nothing short of remarkable. Over the past couple of years, the industry's growth has been driven by an unprecedented number of Americans choosing to exercise their fundamental right to keep and bear arms and purchase a firearm and ammunition.

    NSSF, representing manufacturers and sportsmen around the nation, takes great pride in supporting wildlife conservation efforts. Noted in the economic impact report are the significant taxes paid by member companies to federal and state governments and the Pittman-Robertson excise tax the industry pays on the products it sells -- this tax is the major source of wildlife conservation funding in America.

    During difficult economic times and high unemployment rates nationally, our industry has grown and created over 25,600 new, well-paying jobs over the past two years. Our industry is proud to be one of the bright spots in this economy.
    Take a look for yourself and see the impact we have nationally and on your home state.

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    THE debate over whether or not Governments should tighten gun control laws around the world has escalated to the point were the lines between fact and fiction are more blurred than ever.

    The following 50 random facts about Guns, Gun Control and Gun Violence has been put together to provide you with an alternative view about the truth behind the gun control debate.

    Some points are pro-guns, while others are anti-guns. Either way, itís up to you to decide whether or not you believe governments should restrict the sale of guns.

    50 Random Facts About Guns, Gun Control and Gun Violence

    Fact#1: In the United States of America, there were 3.59 gun murders per 100,000 people. This is the lowest it has even been since 1981 (Source:

    Fact#2: In 2011, the firearms industry had a $31.8 billion impact on the US economy last year, up from $27.8 billion in 2009 (Source: Huffington Post)

    Fact#3: Only 1.1% of background checks, a mandatory requirement of purchasing a firearm in the United States of America, were denied between 1994 and 2009 (Source: Business Insider)

    Fact#4: Since 1982, there have been more than 60 mass murders carried out with firearms across the US, with killings unfolding in 30 states from Massachusetts to Hawaii. In most cases, the killers had obtained their weapons legally (Source: Washington Post)

    Fact#5: In the United States, prisoners who committed their offence while in the possession of a firearm, on average received sentences of 18 years or more. Prisoners who committed their offence while not in possession of a weapon had an average sentence of 12 years. (Source: US Department of Justice)

    Fact#6: After the gun buy back scheme in Australia following the massacre in Port Arthur Tasmania, the largest falls in firearm deaths occurred in states where more firearms were bought back. (Source: Do Gun Buybacks Save Lives? Evidence from Panel Data)

    Fact#7: Immediately after the Australian Governments gun buy back scheme, accidental deaths caused by guns fell. However, 3 years later, that figure leveled out and then began to rise. (Source:

    Fact#8: Australian Citizens do not, and never had, a constitutional right to own firearms. In fact, hand-gun ownership was restricted to certain groups who needed a gun for occupational reasons (Source: Snopes)

    Fact#9: Countries and States with relaxed gun laws have lower rates of crime. According to FBI data, U.S. murders dropped nearly 40% to 14,478 in 2010 ó a significant drop from 23,440 in 1990 ó even as the overall population grew by 24 percent! (Source: Gun Owners of America)

    Fact#10: In Australia, deaths caused by Guns has fallen from 324 in 2000 to 231 in 2010. However, during the same period suicide rates had only fallen from 2363 in 2000 to 2191 in 2008 (Source:

    much more at

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    Great post! I liked the stats you gave. I have been wanting to know how many new guns get sold every year. At this rate it is impossible now to ever ban them all. Every year the possibility gets further and further from ever being able to be a reality.

    Take a kid shooting. They are the future.

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    I wonder how that fits in with the published figures for the rate of inflation. I mean, given you can find "X (whatever number that is) Lords a-leapin'."?????

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