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Thread: Media review - SHOT 2015.

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    Media review - SHOT 2015.

    Well, not really MEDIA, as I was an invited guest of CZ-USA, so I honestly spent a lot of time in the CZ booth. So let me show what i saw.

    Traditional bolt action rifles, including the new CZ527M Youth Model, smaller and lighter for smaller stature shooters.

    Some you just don't ASK what the prices is...

    Some are just too awesome for words...

    I got some shotgun pics, but a few really classy ones I didn't, because every single time I'd line up, some fat guy would walk in the way!

    New Sharp Tail.

    High end over/unders, beautiful work.

    A bunch of Bobwhite side by sides.

    More SXS - that Coach gun would be perfect for the wife if it came in 20ga...

    The pump gun line - good pricing.

    The semi-autos - I can tell you from personal experience that the CZ 712 is a great shotgun. That Practical down on the bottom would be a winner for HD or 3 gun.

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    Pistols, and one lonely is the Dan Wesson, with a barrel shroud so tight I thought it was one piece. Beautiful work.

    P-09 suppressor ready.

    Dan Wesson Eco, subcompact 9mm 1911 that fit really well.

    Ask me a year ago if I would see this and I would have laughed out loud...and here I am holding it...

    It is very nice...

    And we can't leave out the jewel of the show, the 40th Anniversary CZ 75B. These pics do not do it justice.

    Did I forget something? Oh heck YES! The guns I came to see, the CZ Scorpion EVO and the CZ BREN 805!

    This is the LEO only 14 inch barrel select fire BREN 805. This thing felt absolutely right in my hands.

    The LEO Scorpions - I had to extend the stock all the way back for a comfortable fit, but they are nice and very well balanced!

    The civilian models of both, with SIG Brace Adapter and Thordsen CAA Saddle kits installed. This EVO felt great. That's why I'm going to set up my EVO just like this.

    EVO with Brace - nobody shouldered it, not once.

    BREN 805 pistol "naked", kind of awkward like that. Potential.

    Almost forgot a NEW shotgun, the 812 Waterfowl edition!

    That was just the CZ booth, but I found something else in the CZ booth, and he stood still long enough for a pic.

    Gotta end with a few people shots like this one, CZ-USA CEO Alice, with me. I was very honored. Wonderful lady.

    CZs VP Of Marketing and all around great guy, Jason!

    The guy who makes shooters tremble to face him in a match, Angus Hobdell!!!

    And the guy who is going to break the Guinness Book of World Records on number of bird broken in an hour, David Miller!

    Sometime tomorrow I'll put up the non-CZ stuff I saw, not as much of it, but some VERY cool things, none the less.
    If total government control equals safety, why are prisons so dangerous?

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    Thanks for the report. At one time I used to collect CZ handguns when in Germany in the late 80s.

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