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Thread: The March LOCAL Newsletter is out!

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    Exclamation The March LOCAL Newsletter is out!

    The Louisiana Open Carry Awareness League (LOCAL) has posted its monthly newsletter which includes a list of meetings scheduled around the state for this month as well as a list of gun shows and more! The newsletters are now distributed as PDF files only to make them easier to read by pretty much everyone.

    The newsletter has an all new professional format and, being PDF, it has an Index that links to the articles so you can go straight to what interests you.

    All the newsletters can always be found at:
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    Looks like a well-done professional-appearing house organ.

    I like the link to the suggested "camel's nose" letter regarding M855 ammo, starting:

    I would like to express my opposition to the proposed “armor piercing” classification of M855 ammunition. This proposal represents bureaucratic overreach as the ammunition in question is not "armor piercing" and no data links it too any greater likelihood of criminal misuse than other ammunition in common use... etc.
    Good goin' !

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