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Thread: Earth Day Reality: We Are All Evil People

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    Earth Day Reality: We Are All Evil People

    Earth Day was a few days ago and being the kind of person that soaks in political commentary I heard a common theme in the last week that I thought I'd share and get your feedback on. What it comes down to is that on Earth Day we are supposed to remind ourselves that we are all evil people. Everything we do in some way makes the world a worse place than it was.

    I won't claim that I came up with these examples of how we are killing the planet, I just heard these same general themes from many places that I cannot attribute them all. The first example on how we are killing the planet is modern plumbing. Every time we flush the toilet we've taken a gallon or so of water clean enough to drink, soiled it, then dumped it down the drain. Taking a shower means half of this water pure enough to drink goes down the drain, having never even touched our bodies. Wasteful.

    If you are like most Americans you have a kitchen that has both an oven and air conditioning. Throughout much of the year you are expending energy heating up your house only to expend more energy to cool it. When you aren't heating the house to cool it again you have a refrigerator working against your furnace to keep your food cold.

    We use lights to turn night into day, and then shut out the sun to sleep off the night before. We shrink wrap almost everything in plastic only to discard it after opening, including individual slices of cheese. Entire forests are mowed down to get magazines, newspapers, and silly birthday hats for kids, only to throw them out after making use of them for only minutes.

    We are all evil people.

    At least we are told to think that we are evil people. I say that we are not. I say that we are the healthiest, wisest, and happiest people in history because we have learned to make the items we use every day with such a minute impact on the world that we can afford to just throw things away. By making clean water so plentiful we've made diseases like polio and whooping cough something we just read about on those newspapers we read and throw away. The planet we live on is huge, and there are plenty of places on this planet for us to dig a hole to make what we need to live long and healthy lives, and then fill it with the trash we've made. That trash will renew itself and become a source of materials for a future generation. The water we flushed down the toilet will fall as clean rain someday, and be taken out of a river or well for us to drink or flush again.

    We are not evil people. I wish that all of those people that want to make me feel bad about using flush toilets, and taking warm showers, to go think about what they really want. What kind of life do they expect us to live? We don't do the things we do because we are evil, we do them because they make us happy. We don't burn coal because we want to see ocean levels rise, we do it because we want to eat safe food, drink clean water, and stay warm. If burning coal is bad then perhaps instead of telling us to live a life that is less safe these people need to offer an alternative that brings us the safety we expect without burning coal.

    We are living in the best times in human history, and we should all be happy for it. Some people just seem to choose to not be happy.
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    "..best times in human history.."
    Sorry Farmboy but I think the "best times" were 30-40 years ago.

    Granted, we had the oil embargo, rather high inflation,
    "stumblebutt" Ford, and "peanut" Carter.
    What we didn't have was so much domestic spying, airport gropers, and so many government agencies that violate our Constitution and Rights.
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    Yeah, to me and most social scientists, the best days,the glorious days, were from 1946 to 1963.

    It's been a rapid downhill slide into this really miserable world we have today.

    Music,movies,TV,racial divisions,terrible government leadership at all levels. It's truly horrible.
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