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Thread: Christmas gun? Want to keep it?

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    Christmas gun? Want to keep it?

    Will holiday gun sales translate to political action in 2016?

    To read the news about guns as gifts under Christmas trees across the country yesterday, the notion of America being well armed was reinforced in multiples, but will that translate to political activism in 2016?

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    So, anyone want to take a wild guess as to how many of those gifts were illegal under WA's new law? I'd bet more than a few people gave guns for Christmas without even being aware of that nonsensical feel good BS.
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    Worth quoting from your article, Dave:

    The ball is clearly in the court of gun owners, who will need to rise to the occasion, and that means doing more than arguing on Internet forums. They will need to organize, attend caucus meetings, meet candidates, stay in contact with their state legislators and get directly involved because itís their future at stake. Donít let someone else decide that future for you.
    The ball's always in our court.

    As you point out, one of the biggest problems I see with the gun community is that nobody, except for an occasional remark from the NRA Presidents' columns and Neil Cox in the Rifleman has offered the nitty-gritty techniques you refer to in order to win an election or beat down the anti-gunners' efforts.

    We need to distribute the "How-Tos" in political action, including volunteering at campaign headquarters... even to do such mundane things as stapling literature, licking envelopes, updating voter lists, and all the crappy but necessary little things that the antis and statists have hordes of hippy-dippy self-righteous volunteers for.

    Hey, last Presidential election, I saw a run-down van plastered with Democratic stickers drive around my building's parking lot picking up voters to drive them to the polls.

    We are hampered by the simple fact that most of us are the breadwinners for our families and can't afford the time out of our eight-hour-a-day jobs to go stapling and envelope-licking, but the point is that just writing letters and e-mailing our opinions and debating amongst ourselves just won't cut it.

    We need someone (SAF? NRA? NRA-ILA?) to formulate and publicise explicit and effective strategies for the ordinary gun owner --you and me --to counter the "enemy's" advantages in terms of personnel and dedication --besides just writing a check for $20 and sending it in. A specific set of "How-Tos."

    This, besides just pointing out to each other the constitutional flaws in the antis' efforts in our forums and at the range.

    I cringe at remembering how many of us just said to each other, "Why, they can't pass that... it's unconstitutional" at the time GCA68 was being debated, and then rested in our own self-righteousness.

    Forgetting that "they" don't give a damn about the Constitution and will write any laws they want to, and have a powerful well-oiled political and disinformation machine running very well indeed.

    They've got their "how-to" strategies for winning elections and pushing legislation down pat.

    Our just writing checks and e-mailing complaints won't cut it any more.

    But we've got 10 months to pull it off.

    "Gun control is not about public safety, crime reduction, or 'the children.' Gun control is about power. The people have it, and the government would rather they didn't." (An internet poster, not myself.)

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