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Thread: If you find a gun control video on Youtube, we can thumb it down if you post it here.

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    If you find a gun control video on Youtube, we can thumb it down if you post it here.

    Everybody, I need your help. You may have been glad to notice that many gun control videos on Youtube constantly been thumbed down to oblivion, which obviously debunks the myth that most of the American population supports gun control.
    However there seems to be a sizible number of videos that sadly have a good number of thumbs up. My concern about this isn't just the fact that these videos have a positive reception. It's the fact that they are simply insalting. The comments they have also aren't pretty. That being said i'm here to ask those who have a Youtube account to thumb these down to further weaken the gun control lobby's grip on youtube. The time to strike is now.

    IMPORTANT NOTE:Keep in mind that i'm well aware that there are far too many videos that i've listed here for every single person to dislike to the point of being time consuming. That being said i'd advise that everyone who's interested in thumbing these down, pick a set of clips instead of disliking all of them.
    Let me give you a look.

    1.The first set of videos consist clips that Comedy Centrail.

    There's numerious other video's they've made. Be sure to thumb them down when you get the chance.

    2.The second is a video by British satirist Charlie Brooker, who constantly ignores the violent crime the United Kingdom has, while whining about mass shootings in the United States.

    3.Samantha Bee made several videos mocking the very concept of introducing Active Shooter training in school, even though it's proven to work. Instead she believes that legistlation will stop these tragities.

    4.Up next are three videos that Steve Shives made mocking the NRA and the right to bear arms.

    His Five Stupid Things for April 21, 2014 also makes some stupid points.

    The bastard made several other videos bashing gun rights. Don't forget to thumb 'em down.

    5.Rapper Snoop Dog made a music video that supports gun free zones, saying that people should leave their guns at home.
    He also made a few other videos:

    6.There's this really insaulting song that falsely claims that America has been tightening it's gun laws. In reality it's usually been the way around.

    7.Vox made a video falsely claiming that the United States has the highest per capita mass shooting rate, which is an outright lie.

    8.Some radio dude made a mockery of gun owners.

    9.Austrailia's been bragging about it's lower murder rate.

    10.Young Turks, a progressive interenet show has made a swarm of videos mocking the second amendment.

    11.This smuck made a troll style youtube mocking the Second Amendment:

    12.Some police department released a video supporting gun bans.

    13.Steve Harvey made a video glorifing Chicago's gun controls.

    14.Harford University made a video whining about the second amendment.

    15.Found a documentry that whines about gun ownership.

    16.Radio host, Sam Seder made a series of videos supporting gun control.

    17.Illinoning Illinios Sentator Dickhead Durbin made a stupid speech demanding gun control.

    18.Shirzadegan TV, made a stupid three year old style report.

    19.The Not-So-Amazing Atheist made several videos mocking gun ownership. The list is here.

    20.Since the shooting in San Bernardino, California last year the media has been buying the crap that Shooting Tracker has been spewing out.

    21.There's been alot of video's falsely claiming that the second amendment was made to protect slavery.

    22.As well as videos demanding for the repeal of the second amendment.

    23.This video sterotypes gun rights advocates. Be sure to thumb it down.

    24.Remember that stupid Guns with History video States United Against Gun Violence made. Well there's a few videos on youtube that support it.

    25.MSNBC report Rachel Maddow made various videos mocking gun rights.

    26.Find some progun control Hillary video with some thumbs up. Thumb 'em down.

    27.A few video's of Moms Demand Action that needs to be thumbed down.

    28.Code Pink, has been all over the new for interrupting Wayne's speech.

    29.Found some video's bashing the NRA.

    30.One more thing i'd like thumbed down. The States United Against Gun Violence has made a video that implies the Second Amendment only protects muskets and while the video has gotten over half of it's votes to be thumbed down, the insaulting nature of the video means that we've got to destroy it even more.

    Anybody, who find's a pro gun control video that gets a good rep, be sure to post it here for us to thumb down. Thanks. Let's take back Youtube!
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