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Thread: Best guns for females?

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    Best guns for females?

    Hello guys,

    I have Glock 19 for myself and considering another handgun for my wife. It is illegal to own firearms before getting the firearms safety training in Boston. So after she gets the training I'll get her MA Gun License and then I'll buy her the handgun. She needs a very light handgun so I need your advice. Please mention some best guns suitable for girls. Thanks in advance.

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    A light gun means a heavy recoil, Newton's laws applies. I see many people wish they didn't buy a light gun, especially for the wife.

    The energy of the gunpowder is expressed forward and backward. The weight of the bullet is much smaller than that of the gun plus the wife. That makes the bullet move with much greater speed. If the recoil is too much then this mass ratio between the two must change. I assume you don't want to increase the mass of the wife to reduce the recoil so therefore the mass of the gun would need to be increased.

    If the wife is okay with recoil then a light gun will work. If you can fire the gun before buying do so, it may save you a lot of money later.

    Another way to reduce recoil is to get a less powerful caliber. There's been many fights started over caliber so I won't even try to recommend anything specifically except to say that any gun is better than no gun. It seems to me that there is a trend with people using rimfire ammunition for self defense. The .22 long rifle is one of the most lethal calibers if measured by dead bodies alone. Take into account that the .22 long rifle is much more popular than any other caliber out there. Again, this is a topic where many words have been written and perhaps a few teeth lost. I don't want a rhetorical fist fight.

    I'm just giving fair warning that light guns are not always good guns.

    Also, there is no such thing as a best gun for girls since there are so many kinds of both. I'll mention a few things to look out for in general.

    Pistol vs. revolver:
    Pistols typically carry more ammunition than revolvers and are quicker to reload if you have a spare magazine. Oh, and always have a spare magazine. Not that you have to carry it with you but magazines are a common point of failure so having a spare if one gives problems will make for a quick fix.

    The trigger weight on a double action revolver is sometimes difficult for people. A pull of the trigger must make a lot of things move and so it can take a long heavy pull to fire. This weight is considered heavy enough that it's considered a safety feature of it's own, it's difficult to make that motion unintentionally.

    Oh, get a holster. That trigger needs to be covered regardless of the kind of handgun you get to prevent unintentional discharges. Tossing a six shooter in a purse might work but it also might get junk in the barrel and/or something pressing on the trigger.

    Think of the kind of safety your wife would be comfortable with. Double action revolvers don't often have a safety, as I already mentioned. Pistols can have thumb safeties, trigger safeties, grip safeties, and more. I have a Colt 1911 with a grip and thumb safety and I like it.

    Revolvers also come in single action styles, these are typically hunting style weapons but they are cheaper if price is a concern. Single action means the hammer must be pulled back before firing, it lowers the trigger pull weight and distance but are not likely something you want to use in a gun fight. Remember, if you are using this weapon in self defense then you are now in a gun fight.

    Pistols also come in single action and double action styles. I don't know enough about the distinction to describe that to you. Perhaps you can ask the gun dealer about it or someone else will come along.

    There's all kinds of sights. Have your wife try some out. Some handguns don't have sights, relying on lasers or short distances. If you are close enough to smell their breath then you won't be using the sights anyway. At longer distances the person might not be a threat. Some sights glow in the dark, some don't. Consider that most unfriendly encounters happen in the dark. I think lasers are great and I wish I had one. They cost some money but I hear they are worth every penny. The lasers also come in different colors and lots of words have been said about the merits of each.

    Let's see, caliber, safeties, pistol/revolver, holster, sights... I think I covered the basics. Maybe I covered too much, I don't know what you know.

    I will also say that I like Ruger firearms, they make quality products at a good price, and I've been treated well by their customer service.

    I hope I've been helpful
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    All excellent advice above. Question has she fired your G19 yet? You stated need a license to buy but not to shoot. Are there any gun clubs that have rentals? Have her shoot at a range as many different ones as she would like to try, then let her pick and buy her gun (fill out ALL the paperwork).

    You didn't mention if she was going to carry it or just keep it at home. As a home defense gun size and weight doesn't matter, you may want her to a have a light on the gun or train on how to use a flashlight to ID the target at low visablity.

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    Guns are like shoes: one size does not fit all. I assume that your wife chooses her own shoes. Let her choose her own gun.

    May I recommend http://www.corneredcat.com/?
    Especially, for you, the articles "For the men"
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    Gun are like shoes. But ,IMO, the Glock 19 as CD suggested, is a excellent choice. Iowa came through with great advice as usual.

    Property trained, most women can fire almost anything. My 115 pound, 5'4" daughter has no problems at all with my Glock 36 ,45 ACP or her husbands Glock 29 10mm.

    She also likes my 7 round S&W 686P .357 Magnum with the 2.5" barrel. That is a really great gun.

    BTW, this should be moved to GGD to get more action. That was a pun.
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    Wow, I didn't expect such a detailed answer from you all. THANKS. Now I know which gun I should go with for my wife. Glock 19 of course!. She'll need MA Gun License to buy and carry as we are in Boston. My confusion is solved by you all. Thanks a ton again
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