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Thread: California Gun Laws - On No Fly List Then No Gun

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    California Gun Laws - On No Fly List Then No Gun

    Palm Springs gun control plan draws protesters

    About a dozen Palm Springs gun owners and activists gathered outside Palm Springs City Hall Wednesday, holding homemade signs and speaking out against an item buried at the end of a city council agenda.

    The impetus for the protest was a discussion item the Palm Springs City Council planned to discuss Wednesday evening, about potentially tightening city gun control measures.

    Bob Richmond, former Riverside County Republican Party chairman, said he believed the ordinance would infringe on his Second Amendment rights.

    “One of them is to go ahead and tell me that I have to, the government is telling me I have to keep my guns that are in the privacy of my home locked up in a lock box unless I have them in my possession,” Richmond said. “I see that as an overreach of government.”

    Banning Gun Sales to People on No-Fly List May Not Be Constitutional, Experts Say

    Constitutional experts cite ongoing problems with no-fly list criteria

    On Thursday, Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy announced plans to issue an executive order barring anyone listed on federal terrorist watch lists from purchasing a gun in the state. But while the idea of “no fly, no gun” has found growing support following the mass shooting in San Bernardino last week, including that of President Obama, experts say such a policy may be unconstitutional.

    The problem lies with the terrorist watch lists themselves, which are both secret and routinely updated without the typical due process given to those who are accused of breaking the law, such as court proceedings. Without a trial, the government can add anyone to watch lists who it believes may be a threat to national security—and exactly how the government defines such a threat isn’t even public knowledge.

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    Deep Appalachian Roots

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    Take a Liberal to the range

    Buzzfeed did just that

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