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Thread: Hi Point 45ACP Review

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    Hi Point 45ACP Review

    Fin Feather and Fur (local gun store chain) had their recent big sale, and I had to see how much money I could "save" by going on a spending spree.

    10% a Hi point 45acp put it at about $179.00, (the same as RKO's, a farm supply chain store, regular price). I got it in 45acp because I didn't have anything in 45acp. I already had some components, and dies .

    When I got home I realized I hated the big, fat, hard plastic smooth grips. Not only was it slick, but felt huge in my hands. The gun was very heavy. I think heavier than my Redhawk or Freedom Arms revolvers. The gun was a cheaply made budget gun, but looked and felt durable.

    First problem encounter was ammo had to have bullet seated slightly deeper than spec to keep from hanging up in magazine. Once I did that, no further issues. Gun was comfortable to shoot, and recoil was VERY mild, less than my SW435 9mm with my Blue Dot loads. I loaded both 230gr FMJ, and some 185gr SWC. Both cycled flawlessly. Accuracy was not very good with either round, even off a rest. Seemed to close up a little the more I shot. I think it's more the 30lb trigger pull (as it felt like) more than inherent accuracy issue. I can usually overcome any trigger pull, but squeezing it was almost painful. I went through about 100 rounds with it.

    All in all, its a decent gun for $179.00. Sure as hell isn't a Colt 1911. It looks to be durable and reliable, and is a lot of gun for $179.00. The 45 and 40 are built on the same frame. The grip is just too big unless you have gorilla hands. It's also slippery hard plastic. The 9mm would probably be a lot better fit for me. It is a striker fired, single action, so I wouldn't feel comfortable with one in the chamber.

    If you lack a defense weapon, and money is tight, these are worth looking at. It's certainly functional, and I'll wait until I've put more lead through it to decide if it's reliable, but it looks promising. Don't expect a $600 gun, and you'll probably be satisfied.

    I ended spraying my grips with a few coats of Plasti-Dip to "rubberize" them. What a difference! The gun felt lighter because you didn't have to squeeze the grip so hard to keep it from slipping through your hand.

    What a difference a little rubberization on the grips makes! The gun feels lighter because you don't have to squeeze so much to hang on to it.

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    It also comes with a warranty which is top notch.
    It's all American made from their plant in Ohio.
    Word has it their Customer Service is second to none.

    I've never needed it, for my 995TS carbine.

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