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Thread: What is a good non-lethal self defence weapon?

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    What is a good non-lethal self defence weapon?

    Hello guys,

    I want to know which non-lethal weapon according to you is the best for self defense?
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    Running shoes.

    Seriously, that is a good question. While running away is likely the best option in many cases there are cases where that is not possible. An electric stun weapon is a good choice if one is up against a single attacker. OC spray can be affective against multiple attackers but can blow back into one's own face.

    A non-lethal weapon can be shrugged of by a determined attacker if all it does is induce pain. I have to wonder how effective any of them are in reality, especially if the attacker knows that the victim is unwilling and/or unable to kill. Whether or not we agree that non-lethal weapons are all that effective the question is which of them are most or least effective.

    I like the idea of a stun weapon as I believe that they are more effective than OC spray judging by the YouTube videos I've seen. I have not investigated this in any detail but I suspect that a good stun gun costs many times more than a canister of OC spray. OC spray is also something that looks to be smaller. I'd think that in this case OC spray is best simply because one is more likely to carry it.

    I focus on those two because I'm drawing a blank on any other non-lethal weapons that are available to the average citizen. I've seen some crazier stuff like oil slicks (a weapon worthy of Batman), directed energy pain weapons, and net shooters. Billy clubs and the like would be effective but I'm not sure they qualify as "non-lethal".
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    Mans best friend, large dog on short leash. Non-lethal weapons aren't always effective and most as are just as restricted to carry as a firearm. I've been tased in training and it did stop me, OC sprayed in the face that day I was fully functional. An expandable ASP/baton/kubaton with training is another option.

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    don't forget a stout walking stick--Cold Steel's African, Irish,dragon and walkabout sticks are all good or you can go to Whistle CREEK's or Brazos walking sticks in hickory or other hardwood

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    Although not necessarily non lethal. I can't say I particularly care if my weapon of defense is lethal when being attack.
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