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Thread: Are political winds blowing at the ATF?

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    Are political winds blowing at the ATF?

    Are we starting to see cracks / political pressure on the ATF?

    Tom Gresham has stated while he is not on Donald Trump Jr.’s working group, he does have input. On one of his shows he discussed a few things that could be done regarding firearms “regulations” etc. without getting into changing laws.
    1. The President can summon the head of the ATF to the White House.
    2. He can inform him of some of the agency regulations (which are treated as law) he wants to see changed or overhauled.
    3. Within 60 days, he is to issue the White House a report showing such changes have been implemented.
    4. If he can’t / won’t do that, he can look for another job!

    From the Washington Post is the story below – the senior ATF official that wrote the white paper is the second highest ranking official at the BATFE. Currently, there is no director of the ATF – there has been an acting director of the ATF for quite some time.

    Flow chart of ATF organization structure can be found at https://www.atf.gov/about/organization-structure
    Executive staff of ATF can be found at https://www.atf.gov/about/executive-staff

    You can find a link to the PDF White Paper he wrote at the site, but I’ve included it as an attachment.

    Just a few snippets from the story:

    The “white paper” by Ronald B. Turk, associate deputy director and chief operating officer of the ATF, calls for removing restrictions on the sale of gun silencers; allowing gun dealers to have more guns used in crimes traced to their stores before the federal government requires additional information from the dealer; and initiating a study on lifting the ban on imported assault weapons.

    Senior ATF official proposes loosening gun regulations
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    There will be resistance from those in Congress who would subjugate us. That is the message that should be the response every time the anti-gun crowd blurts out any bleat about "gun safety," or "for the children," or any such flagrant lie(s). Let them know that we are aware of their ultimate goal and that we will not capitulate.

    People should not fear the government; government should fear the people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ConstitutionCowboy View Post
    People should not fear the government; government should fear the people.

    With the many comments I have read elsewhere advocating for violence against DJT (a "30-06" remedy in one case), that is more true than ever.
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    Hope allot of things change.

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    I was hoping the "defunding winds" were blowing at the
    ATF. Ah, well...

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