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Thread: First Impression of the KimberK6s

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    First Impression of the KimberK6s

    Eleven months after my wife convinced me to visit the Kimber booth at the 2016 NRA show, I am finally on the range with their Kimber K6s revolver. The CCW world has been void of a 6 shot capacity revolver for a very long time. The last 6 shot CCW revolver was the Colt Detective Special which was discontinued around about 1995 and no one else has attempted this since. Today I fired 75 rounds of ammunition 38spl and 357Magnum through this revolver without any malfunctions. All groups were shot at 20 yards from a sand bag rest and both with 38 and 357 groups were consistent of 3 to 5 inches.

    The KimberK6S 4 main features are a concealed carry revolver with 6 shots, adjustable sights, a completely dehorned revolver and the smoothest trigger I have felt on a CCW revolver.

    The recoil of the Kimber K6S was actually very manageable. The 6 shot cylinder sports 6 recessed chambers along with flat sides instead of flutes, it has serrated black sights with the rear adjustable for windage. The trigger on the K6S is so smooth I would have thought it was half the trigger weight advertised. My RCBS trigger guage confirmed 8 1/2 pound double action pull. Kimber also changed the cylinder release, instead of the normal forward-sliding cylinder release, the K6sí is a push button similar to the magazine release on a semi-auto pistol. Kimber also went non traditional on the cylinder, instead of flutes it features flats.

    Caliber .357 Magnum
    Barrel Length 2″
    Overall Length 6.62″
    Height 4.46″
    Width 1.39″
    Weight (unloaded)
    1.44 lbs (23 oz)
    Sights black pinned front, black dovetail rear
    Action double action only
    Ammo Capacity 6
    Advertised trigger pull weight 9.5-10.5 lbs
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    Nice review. Would be interesting to compare it with a Smith 640 Centennial instead of the Model 60 and a newer Colt Cobra if and when they come out.

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    Since I have three Kimbers already, I ought to look into this revolver of theirs.

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    I have handled the K6 on 3 different occasions. I carry a Detective Special as was mentioned in post 1. The dealer allowed me to dry fire the K6 the first time I handled it, I must say I was disappointed by the trigger/hammer feel and resistance of the K6. I have 2 Colt DS and a Colt Cobra (1974). All of the Colts are better for me than the K6. And.....the K6 is butt ugly by comparison to any of the S&W or Colts. I have Taurus 6 shot revolvers that are better for me than the K6. I went back twice more over a period of weeks and the K6 never grew any fonder of me than it had on first grope, feel, fondle; I won't ask to shoot it, at least until my Colts are worn out.....
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