This table top and range review is long overdue. This pistol has been returned to Colt for accuracy and machine marks inside the slide, which delayed the video. Unfortunately Colt said nothing was out of spec and the machine marks were cosmetic and did nothing about it. I asked for a barrel replacement and they would not complete the work saying that could make things worst.

When the Colt Delta Elite Gen II was released I could not wait to get my hands on one, the excitement was off the charts. Upon receiving it and field stripping it I was let down. Due to the machine marks being on the inside of the slide I was willing to over look them until I got it to the range to find out it would not group. I have since fit a Briley bushing Original bushing OID .698, ID .581 Barrel OID .579 Briley bushing after I completed the work ID .580, OID .700, the Briley is a bit tighter than the original to the slide and a little tougher to remove from the slide without the tool. After this work the Colt Delta Elite has proven to be just as accurate as other 10MM pistols which I include in this video as a comparison.

This is a follow up to some of my earlier post where I was unhappy with Colt's answers after returning it to them, but I have finally got it to shoot. SO the excitement returns.