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Thread: Transgendered People in the US Military, Banned or Not?

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    Transgendered People in the US Military, Banned or Not?

    I was listening to talk radio this morning and it appears the debate over having transgendered people in the US armed forces has come to the forefront again. I'm not sure if this is a new policy from President Trump or merely an interpretation of existing policy established by Trump and the Department of Defense has announced how they are implementing the policy. What has been announced is that while transgendered people may continue to serve no new recruits that identify as transgendered will be allowed to join. Additionally, transgendered members of the military that cannot deploy for a year will be discharged unless they qualify for some exception.

    The DOD policy of discharging people that cannot deploy for a year is not new, what is new is the exception for those that are transgendered. People get discharged all the time for being unable to deploy. This might be because they gained too much weight, are unable to pass their marksmanship tests, have an injury, legal issues, or any number of physical or mental issues. This would primarily apply to people that have had surgery to "correct" their gender dysphoria.

    Part of the confusion on all of this is that the term "transgender" can identify a large number of physical and mental conditions. Transvestism is considered "transgender", but men that like to dress in womens clothing would not necessarily be discharged. People that have had chest surgery (which is primarily cosmetic in nature) would not necessarily be discharged under this policy either, as recovery from such surgery is generally quite short. Those that require hormone treatment for their condition most likely would be discharged under this new policy. The military has discharged people for chronic conditions for a very long time now. People with conditions like diabetes and certain allergies would need injections regularly for treatment and this kind of treatment cannot be assured to be provided in a war zone, therefore these people would be discharged if these conditions develop or are discovered while in the military.

    I agree with this policy as it is merely a restoration of a long standing DOD process. The exceptions for transgenderism is nonsensical, as the reason for being in the military is to have the capability to deploy to a war zone. The purpose of the military is, put bluntly, to kill people and break things. If someone is unable to do that because they are convalescent from surgery for a year then they will be, and should be, discharged. People might debate if such surgery is elective or medically necessary but that is irrelevant. Arguing the medical necessity of such surgery should not automatically allow for an exception any more than, for example, a medically necessary surgery such as that to treat cancer. What the DOD is doing is removing the exception for surgeries that "correct" a transgender condition.

    There is no right to be in the military. The military has for a very long time discharged people for relatively minor medical conditions. Discharging members of the military that are unable to deploy for a year, regardless of the reason, has been routine.

    Anyone disagree with this DOD policy? As this was an executive order under President Obama there should be no argument on whether President Trump has the authority to reverse it under his own executive order. If there is some argument to restore the Obama administration policy permanently then it would have to be done legislatively.
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    I agree, if you are unfit (minus recovering from service wounds) then you must go. Heck, we got amputees back on duty redeploying! Always been amazed at the number of troops that never deploy. Did my first deployment OCONUS back early in 85'. Get rid of the slackers unless in a TACOM position (ie Recruiting, Drill Sergeant, etc)

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