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Thread: You won't see this in 'mainstream' news

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    You won't see this in 'mainstream' news

    SAF Reports Surge in 18-20 Age Group Members, Donors

    The Second Amendment Foundation has reported an astonishing 1,200 percent increase in memberships and donations from young adults in the 18-to-20-year-old age class over the past three weeks, evidently spurred by moves to restrict their gun rights in the wake of the tragic mass murder at a Florida high school.

    Young adults flock to 2A groups after being targeted for gun control

    One of the nation’s most prominent Second Amendment organizations revealed Monday that it has seen an unprecedented surge in memberships and donations from young adults in the 18-to-20-year age group, possibly a reaction to suddenly finding themselves on the direct receiving end of a gun control push.

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    Good news indeed!

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    Now if those lawsuits against our young adults are successful. Still have to watch out for liberal judges.

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    Good articles Dave and good to hear those young people are getting concerned over their own futures. It's overdue.
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    Zogby Polls are considered to be accurate measures of public opinion and have predicted elections right when other polls called them wrong. A recent Zogby Poll (1 Mar 2018) surveyed a national sample (apparently as a lead-in to the fall elections).

    56% of the general voting age population support the 2nd Amendment, 28% oppose, 16% no opinion.

    65% of millennials (age 18-29) support, 23% oppose, 12% no opinion.

    So the younger generation ("millennials" who reached maturity after the turn of the century) support 2A more than the general population do.

    As for other groups:

    54% of Hispanics support, 29% oppose.
    46% of African Americans support, 36% oppose.
    59% of white voters support, 25% oppose.

    47% of Democrats support, 37% oppose.
    47% of Independents support, 27% oppose.
    86% of Republicans support, 18% oppose.
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