Our Constitution is our country's Operating System. The courts, congress, the ballot box, are all Firewalls designed by the Founders to protect the Operating System. Our Founding Fathers were farseeing men so they built many Firewalls into the Operating System that is our Constitution. They were more than just a little ahead of their time. They understood that Firewalls weren't enough. The Operating System needed a form of Anti Malware thus the Freedom of the Press was enshrined in our Constitution and our founding principles. But in case the Firewalls were compromised and the Anti malware was corrupted they included a Recovery Option.

In our Constitution it so states that we have the right and duty to overthrow tyrranny if ever our Operating system became so corrupted. But our Founders, though they were themselves revolutionaries, were not hasty men. The bound up the Recovery Option with one last Firewall and that was the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. They further still explained at length to the American people vis a vis the Federalist Papers what they meant and wrote into the Constitution; the Operating System came with instructions. This made clear what "neccessary" meant and that "We the People" had the right to possess and equip ourselves with weapons and accoutrements of soldiers so that we would have the tools fix the Operating System. An Operating system infected with tyrrany isn't going to let itself be fixed or recovered.

The Second Amendment is the last Firewall. I need my assault rifle, my large capacity magazines, and whatever other tools that may come to hand to help recover and fix our Operating System should circumstances require that dire consequence. The Constitution can't defend us if we don't defend it.