In listening to Rush Limbaugh today, he was theorizing that the "Deep State" is in panic mode. He thinks that they had this "opposition" planned, but he isn't sure if it was tailored just for Trump OR if they had scenarios for whatever republican won the primaries.
He also feels that, because they have been unable to achieve their desires to stop Trump, they are now trying to invalidate the 2016 election and declare Trump "illegitimate". Then Rush theorized that they would try and invalidate everything Trump has done so far, including E.O.s, judicial nominations, laws signed, etc. Rush believes they are trying to actually overturn the election, thwarting the "will of the people".
He says they are trying to take the "ballot box" away from us.
Others have talked about the "3 boxes" that are available to us, that being the "ballot box", the "jury box", and the "ammo box". If they are trying to render the ballot box ineffectual and with the way the courts have been packed with so many Constitution-hating liberal activists, do we have any other options left to us if the "Deep State" does overturn the election?