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Thread: Computers!?!?!? ARGH !!!!!!!!!!

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    Computers!?!?!? ARGH !!!!!!!!!!

    Have any of you ever gotten a "corrupted profile" on your computers?

    Thursday, 8/30, worked fine. Friday, couldn't log in to EITHER profile. Called shop that built computer on Sat., left voicemail. Tried again last Tuesday - mailbox full. Ended up having to take it to a specialty shop way out in Maryland Heights, MO. Left it last Friday, picked it up on Monday. They saved my data but NOT my "bookmarks".
    Do you realize how much "fun" it is trying to reconstruct those from memory and a laptop that hasn't been online in 4 years?!?
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    I HATE it when that happens! Consequently, I have all my pertinent websites, email addresses, etc., etc., on paper.

    I call it "Old School". I try to keep a thumb drive with all that info on it, but not being computer literate enough, I have lost the info more than once, or the new program/computer can't read it.

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    Yes, but not at home. Don't recall the exact error code off the top of my head but the Lexmark print server at work was throwing an error I had never seen before at this really unlucky guy whenever he tried to add Lexmark print release to his Win10 system. Lexmark has this nifty system where you can print to Lexmark print release then login to any printer on the network and it displays your print jobs. You can also scan directly to the share drive. It saves your scan job in your personal folder based on your login.

    Works great, except for this one poor user. I escalated it up the chain, but they didn't seem to know or want to help him. After much Googling it turned out that the issue was his profile was corrupted. The big hint was that he could print from any other computer he logged into, the weird error was isolated to his account on the one computer at his desk.

    I had him backup all his files to the share drive, then went in sysdm.cpl -> Advanced -> User Profile Settings -> and deleted his profile. Restarted the system, then he logged on and Windows rebuilt his local profile. The printer worked fine after that.

    I had to do the same thing months later for another user who couldn't get a page on the Sharepoint portal to display properly. Again the clue is the error was limited to only that user on only that one machine.

    I'm quite lazy at home. I use the Chrome browser and login to Google. All my bookmarks are saved on my Google account and show up on any computer I login to. I also save pretty much all my documents to the Google Drive. I suppose it's a small risk, but so was freaking Equifax and I didn't choose to do business with them. I had to freeze my credit after they couldn't be bothered to patch their own server

    If you were using MS Internet Explorer your favorites were stored under C:\users\[yourlogin]\Favorites. It's relatively simple to hook your hard drive up to another system as a slave and pull the data off. I have to do it at work relatively frequently for users who don't put their stuff on the share drive.

    Edit to add: ok Equifax was a HUGE risk. My social security #, address history, probably even my driver's license # is now floating around the dark web being sold and re-sold to God knows who.

    People are already being affected by it: http://www.chicagotribune.com/classi...120-story.html

    This poor lady personally: https://www.wspa.com/news/woman-says...ach/1009092222

    In all seriousness I have told everyone I know that I highly recommend they freeze their credit as I did. I had to initially put a fraud alert on my credit reports because after the news hit initially you could not get a freeze done. The agencies were swamped. It was about 2 weeks later when I was able to do a full freeze. The freeze is permanent though, a fraud alert only lasts I believe 3 months.
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