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Thread: Computers!?!?!? ARGH !!!!!!!!!!

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    Computers!?!?!? ARGH !!!!!!!!!!

    Have any of you ever gotten a "corrupted profile" on your computers?

    Thursday, 8/30, worked fine. Friday, couldn't log in to EITHER profile. Called shop that built computer on Sat., left voicemail. Tried again last Tuesday - mailbox full. Ended up having to take it to a specialty shop way out in Maryland Heights, MO. Left it last Friday, picked it up on Monday. They saved my data but NOT my "bookmarks".
    Do you realize how much "fun" it is trying to reconstruct those from memory and a laptop that hasn't been online in 4 years?!?
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    I HATE it when that happens! Consequently, I have all my pertinent websites, email addresses, etc., etc., on paper.

    I call it "Old School". I try to keep a thumb drive with all that info on it, but not being computer literate enough, I have lost the info more than once, or the new program/computer can't read it.

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