I'll continue my tradition of tracking the news on right to carry protection advances through each year by starting with news I read on the Iowa legislature's effort to amend the state constitution to protect the right of the people to keep and bear arms.


A Republican-led effort to add gun rights to the Iowa Constitution must start over because the state's top election office did not complete a key step in the yearslong process, a mistake they described as a "bureaucratic oversight."
I remember hearing about efforts to amend the state constitution years ago. It's quite unfortunate that this effort has been delayed over something that would seem so trivial, but the rules are the rules.

There won't be a constitutional protection of the right to keep and bear arms in the Iowa constitution this year but that does not prevent legislative protections. The goal is to enshrine this in the constitution as this makes it far more difficult to remove in the future as this would mean amending the constitution again, which would involve the same 2 year process that was derailed by bureaucratic oversight last year.

A quick search of recent news on the internet shows that there are efforts to expand concealed carry rights also in North Dakota, South Dakota, and on the federal level. I'll keep my eyes on these efforts as time permits me to. As usual I encourage others to post here on such efforts as it comes to their attention.

I've made the offer in the past for a prize of internet points for those that best predict the advance of legal protections of the right of self defense, I'll make that offer again.

My prediction is there will be no gains this year. It seems to me that much of the momentum from years past has been lost and people don't seem as concerned about it as they have been. I believe this is due to gains by the Republican Party in state legislatures and on the federal level. People don't fear losses in their rights like they did before and so feel less motivation to make gains. Also there's plenty of other things going on in politics that take priority right now, such as the partial federal government shutdown and illegal immigration problems. I'm also guessing that there's a general burnout from politics riding so high in recent history. Which is likely also the reason for less activity on this forum. Things are generally doing well, people are burned out, and so people are more concerned about living life than politics.

I admit I've been coming here less often as I felt this burnout myself, this thread is my effort to drive some traffic.