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Thread: Is The Glock 26 Obsolete?

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    Is The Glock 26 Obsolete?

    This discussion came up on Glock Talk the OP asked if the recent surge of single stack, subcompact pistols has rendered the 26 obsolete.

    My "carry rotation" consists of a Glock 26 & a 19 and I find I carry the 26 far more often than the 19. Mostly because I work in an NPE but I don't feel under armed at all with the 26.

    I find that the biggest advantage the 26 has over the singlestack offerings is the ability to use a 19 ( or 17 or 18 or any of several ridiculously high capacity aftermarket Glock magazines) magazine.

    What are your thoughts?
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    How much do you plan to shoot, and do you plan to conceal carry it. I absolutely love DA/SA. And not shooting a metal frame handgun a 1000 rounds a week. But recommend a p320 for casual shooters.

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