I have been trying to understand and find a way of getting ideas across and illuminating some of what seems to be missed by firearm owners. I accept that I cannot expect that people are military strategists or even normally think of things in this way as they really do not have much need to. However let me illustrate a situation and give a brief appraisal of what it could possibly be. Everybody knows that California could be considered as under siege by gun control. The firearm owners of California most certainly are not happy with all the laws that have been passed. The additional requirements, costs and inconvenience as well as those who have firearms that they must dispose of somehow and now be without surely must bug them. This situation has been ongoing for a number of years and does not seems to have a happy ending for these firearm owners.

My question is what does this mean to firearm owners throughout the US? Is it simply an isolated incident that is well under control and can be expected to correct itself? Can any useful conclusions be made that would highlight problems that desperately need attention paid to them?

Would it be correct to say that the firearm organisations of California have not been able to stop gun control and the strangle hold it appears to have on the State?

Can one extend this and say that the rest of the USA is abandoning Californians as a lost cause and they cannot help either?

Why has nobody come to Californiaís gun owners aid and helped them out of this predicament?

Do Californian citizens not qualify as US citizens and therefore can be deprived of their rights in an incremental deprivation of their safety, rights and firearms?

If gun control can do this in California what is stopping it from happening to any other State or the whole of the USA.

I would really appreciate help here as I do not live in the US and have little experience of the culture. I think it is essential to understand the situation in order to determine if there is a problem or not. If there is I would love to know what is being done about it and if it can be extended to California and other States. Then again I may just be overreacting and concerned when there is no need to be. Itís all under control. A pointer to what is being done would help me better understand.

I do not think US citizens are under any illusion of the importance of arms ownership as the founders went to great lengths to make this clear. However many years have passed since then and it is important to know if these ideals are still taught by parents and the education system? Can the second amendment be sacrificed in bits and pieces to legislation that would probably horrify the founders? Did the founders mean it can be infringed supposedly for the public good? Did the founders expect citizens to protest their rights from government or is there a citizens body that does this for them? I would really appreciate help and apologise for all the questions. I am sure many here can help as these have hopefully been debated topics or their area of expertise. It is said the US leads the world and hopefully there is some hope the US can show the rest of the world gun control can be defeated.