The Fine Gun family pic, all together.

From the top:

Cape Gun, 20 bore, German, about 1800, converted from flint to percussion. Straight polygonal left, rifled right.

Mortimer 12 gauge damascus percussion, Edinburgh, about 1850.

W&C Scott & Sons Special Grade 10 gauge twist, London, 1873. Has the patented spindle latch now standard on most shotguns.

Henri Pieper Diana, 10 gauge twist, Liege, 1883. Has the patent for the monoblock breech.

Williams and Powell 12 gauge, Liverpool, about 1880, Anson and Deeley boxlock, patent use number 2952. Rebarreled by Stubbs of London, 1955ish.

Westley Richards damascus 12 gauge, Birmingham, about 1876. Completely refinished. Anson and Deeley patent use number 1518.

Haenel Gew 88 safari sporter, 8mm Mauser, double set triggers, Suhl, 1909.

Robert Faller drilling, 16 gauge over 8X58R Sauer, Freiberg, 1912-1915.

Luciano Rota sidelock, 12 gauge, Italy, imported by Badol Arms, about 1965.