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Thread: The man with no "cents"

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    The man with no "cents"

    Now that Bloomberg has thrown his hat in the the race for the Democratic nomination, He is "fair game".
    This "man" is the one that is trying to tell us what foods we can eat as well as how much. He is planning on NOT taking any contributions so it can be said that he is trying to "buy" the election. Considering all his money, it is a sad commentary on the man that he has no "cents" to go with his money.
    AND, at 77, he is 5 years older than DJT, 6 (IIRC) years older than "BroomHilda", but younger than Bernie.
    God help us if this sanctimonious hypocrite wins.
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    “Crime is to be expected since humans are never perfect. But the failure of Justice may be more damaging to Society than the crime itself.” - - Clarence Darrow

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    If he gets in and tries to disarm us, he will be the direct cause of civil war. God help us all.

    If the ends sought cannot be achieved through the means granted to the Federal Government in the Constitution, there is neither a need nor the power for the Federal Government to get involved.. B.E.Wood

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