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Thread: There's so many great cards in NBA 2K now

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    There's so many great cards in NBA 2K now

    There are a lot of things to Buy nba 2k20 mt coins enjoy about MyTeam and an almost equal amount to detest, and main amongst the latter for me is your CPU's ability to outplay you along with his gold, emerald, sapphire etc. ) from your diamonds, pink diamonds etc.. I can take its Glitched Giannis going 7-7 at TToff but when men like Tomas Satoranksy and Harrison Barnes etc are satisfactorily defending my guys and hitting each shot when they have 0 badges, I call foul. I believe Myteam this year is really good. However, NBA 2K is ****. Its not the fault of these myteam programmers but NBA 2Kplay developers. I think they focused more and pro am style of playing, rather than actual gameplay this year. It reveals a good deal. Clamps,intimidator,pogo,quickdraw,qfs etc.. Are badges that were clearly designed for mycareer rather than the rest of NBA 2Kmodes. Shaq is a regular centre imo(being that we are getting a great deal of centers with ball handling and three) his shooter too slow for routine pull backs and can't peekaboo if switches he is a beast inside but that is expected, his dribbling is great but if your good enough then you will be aight, he's a wilt with a 3 imo he's good but not worth his cost more in 400k where good players that have little weaknesses are cu he has little but he has weakness.Just gonna echo what other men and women are saying, Shaq is good but 3pt shot doesn't make him value his cost.

    Bought Opal TMac per day before the super packs came out and didnt bother selling since I hadn't had a opportunity to play with him. Picked ran TMac/Dino/Shaq in TTO and up Shaq just. I put both them up on the auction house although I still managed to go 8-2 and'm a guardian. Bothered on how much I shed on them since I have enough for 3 great players afterwards. I use TMac anywhere near as good as some people and Shaq will fall as more people realise that he isn't as OP because he should be since there's so many great cards in NBA 2K now.

    It has been a fun 6 years playing MT. I'm done. I've put up with a lot of things through time. 2K18 was bad for My Team. I almost stop through that debacle. There's been misteps over recent years. The MT glitch a couple years back was a kick in the face. However, this year actually did me. I play with My Team because it been an Fantasy Basketball simulationgame. Build your team and you get to utilize historical players from every age in their primes. I love the concept. I need to make choices. If I sacrifice shooting players such as Ben and Rodman Wallace and build my team around defenders? Should I make sacrifices on athleticism and prioritize shooting guys like Petrovic and Mitch Richmond?

    It is fun as it rewards understanding of NBA history. I see that Shaq is being used by somebody and if I'm in an internet game, I'm going to be prone to foul him knowing he is awful online. In which Shaq has a 90 three I really don't wish to play a basketball game. I don't wish to utilize a Ben Wallace that's lights from deep range. He shot 7 threes in his whole career.... ever. It is not enjoyable to me. It's not realistic and it gets the mode meaningless. 2K create might as well a Mutombo card range extender plus a 95 three with this sort of logic. What is the point?

    EVEN GIVE NAMES TO THE CARDS WHEN THE NAMES MEAN NOTHING??? And that's why I am done. The manner doesn't mean anything anymore. It giving random stats to players that are random. It is like playing a FPS game and the shotguns all have better precision compared to sniper rifles. It is illogical and I don't want any portion of it. It's not about the greed or the money. I've put up with that for years. It's about lack of respect for mt for sale 2k20 the gamers memories.Create NBA2KING Desktop Shortcuts For 3% Discount!

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