Solve the problem of surface water leakage
A number of tips can be followed to treat the problem of water leakage from the concrete surface, and among these tips are the following: Search for the source of the leak: by inspecting all parts of the surface for any accumulations of water, and examining plumbing lines, sewage pipes, and the sides of the building. Crack filling: to fill the cracks, take into account the availability of cement mortar, primer coatings, sealant, and start cleaning the entire surface

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A pressure washer can be used to get rid of all the dirt and stone lumps on it, then fill the damaged cracks and holes with cement mortar, then cover it with a primer coating of the ceilings and leave it until it dries completely, then apply the sealant to these places. Regular surface maintenance: It is necessary to perform maintenance on the surface at least twice a year, and in the absence of sufficient experience for this, a professional technician can be hired in the maintenance of roofs and buildings, and inform him of any concerns related to surfaces in order to address them.

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Epoxy injection to repair the leaked surface. Epoxy is injected to solve the problem of water leakage from the surface by following the following steps: Cleaning the concrete with a broom to get rid of the dirt and stone lumps on it, and drying the water pools on it. Prepare the epoxy putty according to the instructions on the package, and push the putty into the crevices by pressing your thumb on the epoxy syringe plunger to get the paste out.

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Fill the cracks completely with epoxy putty, and allow it to harden completely, which may take more than 45 minutes. Apply a layer of epoxy resin to the cracks filled with epoxy, and apply another small layer if the surface is sloping. Get rid of excess epoxy by tilting a 45-angle chisel, and lightly hammering it with a hammer. Smooth the epoxy layer with sandpaper.

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